Competitors Information

This page serves to provide all our new and existing competitive students and parents with all they need to know. Its is of great importance to us that the competitive experience be as stress free as possible. On this page we will cover everything from; non registered competitive students, registration of amateur competitive students, entering competitions, competition calendar, the all important competitors dress code for Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Championship and Premier Championship students, and DANCECORP® Etiquette.


Some competitions, mostly private promoter competitions, may include non registered sections. This is an opportunity for new students to get a taste of the competition life without having to register as an amateur competitor. Simply, there is no process whereby one has to register to enter into these sections. Most entry forms will inform you of any documentation required such as a copy of the students birth certificate or ID only to prove the students age. It is important to know that no registered competitive students receive no promotional points for these sections.

Students wishing to pursue a more ‘serious’ competitive career in dance should consider registering with the Freestyle Amateur Dance Registration to earn promotional points at respective SADTA and private promoter competitions.

Registering a student will require documentation such as a copy of the students birth certificate or ID for proof of age. Registered students will receive a status card/s, cloth number/s and SADTA competition rule book. Taking part in competitions and making finals will earn students points, the higher the placing, the higher the points earned. When a dancers reaches the required amount of points for any respective genre they are then promoted to a higher level in that particular genre.

For information on registering students for competitions please click on the link provided:

DANCECORP® Events Calendar

To improve the over all experience for our online users DANCECORP® includes its very own Events Calendar featuring all SADTA and Private Promotor competitions throughout the year. Also listed on the Events Calendar are important local SABOD competitions, International IDO and IDTA competitions.

If you are wishing to enter into any of the listed competitions, simply select the desired competition and click on the link provided. Most often you will be taken to the page or website where one can simply fill in the entry form online or download. Its entirely up to you and what is most convenient.

For a full list of completions on offer please click on the link provided:

Competitors Dress Code

This is considered on of the biggest topics that comes up time and time again within the studio, not for lack of understanding but because, so often, the information provided by us, in the SADTA rule book can be misinterpreted or simply overlooked. If we are to maintain a good image, we would stress that all students and parents familiarise themselves with the information provided in their Competition Rule Book to better understand restrictions apply for each level. It is important to contact any of the DANCECORP® representatives if there are any questions with regards to the required competitive dress code for any particular grade.

Please be reminded that under point 6 , DANCECORP®  Behaviour Policy our Policies and Procedures; – DANCECORP® reserves the right to disapprove of any dance costume or outfit worn by a student who represents DANCECORP® in any capacity if it does not meet our criteria. Please speak to your trainer/s for advice.

For a full list of completions on offer please click on the link provided:

DANCECORP® Etiquette

As is mentioned online in our Terms and Conditions and when a student enrols, are the very important DANCECORP® Etiquette rules that apply to everyone. These rules however bare even greater importance as representatives and ambassadors of DANCECORP® when attending any event as an individual and most importantly as a team. Please familiarise yourself with the following rules, only to ensure we continue to uphold the brand and the professional image of DANCECORP® in every way.

  1. Students, Parents and Guardians should always endeavour to behave in an appropriate manner when representing DANCECORP® in any capacity.
  2. Behaviour that brings the studio into disrepute may result in dismissal from the studio if deemed necessary.
  3. Up to three warnings can be issued for failure to adhere to any of the terms and conditions provided. Upon receiving three warnings a meeting will be held to determine the magnitude of the infringements and the appropriate action to be taken thereafter.
  4. We at DANCECORP® will endeavour to assist all members in upholding an maintaining a professional and positive image.