Dance Directory

we at DANCECORP® have sourced and listed our selection of the "best in service and quality" dance shops located in and around Gauteng and a selection of the very best online shopping platforms.

For all dance related shopping, Supporting both local and international business's!​

Dance Shops

While doing our part in supporting local business, we at DANCECORP® have sourced and listed our selection of the “best in service and quality” dance shops and suppliers located in and around Gauteng while not forgetting to mention some niche online shopping platforms from other South African suppliers. For your convenience we have added in the traveling distance of each store from the DANCECORP® studio in Wilro Park.

Online Shopping

Online shopping need not be a negative experience! We at DANCECORP® have selected and continue to update our list of “best in service and quality” online shopping platforms, a portal for our members to gain access to a variety of world renowned dance brands and related products. Some of which we have purchased from ourselves!

Costume Design and Manufacturing

The world of Freestyle, Disco dance and Disco Dance Freestyle are unlike any other and the costumes worn by competitors are made to wow! When it comes to costume design and manufacturing you simply want the best. Below is a list of our selected “best in service and quality” local and international costume designers and makers.