Dance Mouse™


A fun filled and interactive programme recently introduced into our schedule to facilitate the ever growing demand for dance as an extra mural activity within Pre-Primary Schools. Dance Mouse™ in its entirety has a large presence within schools in South Africa and we aspire to target pre-primary schools within close proximity to us mostly within Weltevreden Park.

The benefits are enor’mouse to the child and are incredibly diverse, focused largely on improving; co-ordination, balancing skills, core strength, fitness, proprioception and spatial awareness. Students are exposed to multiple genres, setting the very foundations for creating confident and well versed students that can only be beneficial to their future careers in dance, no matter what path they choose to follow.

If you have know of a Pre-primary School that would greatly benefit from this programme please contact

Currently available at the following schools: 

Safariland Weltevreden Park

Times Style Grade Age Group Trainer
10h15 – 10h45 Dance Mouse 000 3-4 Years Kyle John Behrens
10h45 – 11h15 Dance Mouse 00 4-5 Years Kyle John Behrens
11h45 – 11h Dance Mouse 0 5-6 Years Kyle John Behrens

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Dance Mouse™ has been well received by 100’s of schools throughout South Africa with a cumulative total of over 7000 students being trained weekly!

Examintaions, Assessments and Showcase



Classes available

Please click here for Dance Mouse – Timetable

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