DANCECORP – Newsletter 04/03/2019

06 January 2019

Greetings Students, Parents, and Guardians.

What a overwhelming, yet incredible start to 2019. We do apologise for missing our February newsletter. Due to the influx of students and the physical demand put on us, our newsletter admin did take a little bit of a back seat.

First and foremost, A very big family welcome to all our newest members of DACNECORP. We are so privileged to be of service to our greater community and beyond, continuing our legacy into the new year with full force. We wish you a year of success, health and no small amount of dancing. 

As per our standards, we continue to ensure our promise in having 2 SADTA Medal Test days per year, which have already been set for 18 may 2019 and 26 November 2019. We are very privileged to have been appointed our examiner for the 18 May 2019 – Joan Mancer; a well respected lady amongst the dance community who has a wealth of knowledge in Freestyle, Ballroom and Latin, a member of the SADTA Gauteng Committee and  well known for her Pink hair. It truly is an honour. Please ensure you are fully aware of the dress codes that have been put forward by us as found on our website at the following link.

Exam Procedures

2019 will not allow for any deviations from these rules as we have set such a high standard and wish to continue with our very professional image (We will not compromise on Medal Exam attire).  Please feel free to contact any of us should you need assistance.

We would like to congratulate all our Competitive Students who attended the SADAT – All Stars Freestyle Festival 2019. We are exceptional proud of the achievements, more so, the overwhelming fact that we had such a beautiful entry. DANCECORP you are going places!

It gives us great pride in announcing that Champion dancer, Logan De Villiers and Premier Champion dancer Cayce Steenkamp have qualified to represent at the World Freestyle Dance Championships at Winter Gardens – Blackpool, UK. An honourable mention is that of our Champion Dancer, Anchin Fairlie who volunteered to join us on the journey, braving the supporting sections that will be held during the event. Fundraising for the team has begun and we have countless events lined up in support of their We wish the the greatest success in preparing for the event. God Speed to you all!

In Closing, I only see it fit to reiterate our enthusiasm and excitement in having such an amazing bunch os students, we serve our community with no small amount of pride and passion for dance! Here is to what looks to be, or rather is undoubtably going to be a very successful year for DANCECORP in ever way!

“ “Whether you’re beginning with the foundation or you’re finishing off the second story…the purposeful way you continue to lay the bricks matters. There are no short cuts… Of equal (and often more) importance…the people that support what you’re building, who show up without fail, support your efforts, and roll up their sleeves to sweat alongside you…” 

– John Waire

Yours in Dance


Kyle John Behrens
Principle – DANCECORP

Shannon Michelle Dunbar 
Vice Principle – DANCECORP

Beverly-Ann du Toit
Financial Manager – DANCECORP

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