DANCECORP – Newsletter 31/07/2018

31 July 2018

Letter from the MD

Greetings Students, Parents, and Guardians.

Wow! I am writing this newsletter feeling a great sense of pride and joy. This past weekend, a small yet formidable team of our talented competitive students participated in the SADTA Classique Freestyle Championships held at Reddford House in Northcliff. The results were nothing but outstanding of which Shannon and I are most proud of. We have really grown as a team and no doubt we continue to take on all challenges we face together. Please see our gallery below. . .

Its been a while since I have reported on the current state of the studio and I would like to take this opportunity to extend my excitement in the massive growth for term 3.  I would like to welcome our newest members that have recently joined us, and those who have returned after an extended leave of absence. With the massive intake of students for term 3, Shannon and I have made small amendments to the DANCECORP Timetable with hardly no effect to anyone that has not yet been informed. These changes were made to enhance productivity within the studio. On that note, to assist with the overgrowing demand for more private lessons slots, do note that Logan has opened up time slots on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Bookings are now available!

We, as Principles of the studio had a meeting last week to discuss ways in which to improve on weakness and further magnify our current strengths. While we are doing our part to improve ourselves and our teaching methods, I would like all parents to do their part in upholding the values of our studio. Full co-oppertaion is needed to reduce the amount of disruptions in classes and in private lessons. I am of the strong opinion that we should no longer allow parents in classes however, I still think given the circumstances that I am willing to make a compromise. Our studio does facilitate and offer all parents the ability to watch classes, but I will no longer tolerate any form of disruptions what so ever. I personally will give everyone the opportunity to improve on this within the next month and we will do our part in assisting everyone to uphold there end of the deal. Should we see no improvements we will then enforce the ‘No Parent Policy’ as of the 1st September 2018.

Private lessons were amongst many, one of the hot topics that were discussed and I would only ask that parents kindly familiarise themselves with the Terms and Conditions as listed on our website. It seems that the system is being abused far to often than what should be considered to be normal or understandable. Rather we would like to avoid any such circumstances completely where we may end up penalising students for failure to adhere to the rules. Staying very close to the topic, we will be updating our Terms and Conditions of which we will have printed copies in the studio with a form that will need to be signed by all parents and returned. Accompanying our Terms and Conditions will also be the addition of our Code of Conduct that will need to be signed by parents and all participating students.

For me, its always important to reinforce our rules, firstly because this maintains a good sense of order and constantly reminds us all of ‘our’ duties to ‘our’ studio. Ensuring we continue to uphold the values as set forth by DANCECORP and its team of dedicated staff. Our legacy is growing and has far reaching positive influences.

Lastly, in closing, please do look out for our New Featured Blog Post which will be posted this evening or tomorrow morning. Physiotherapist and student of DANCECORP Marli Morgan, will be doing articles, of which the first will be “The Importance of Warming up”. I think this will become a most valuable resource and will certainly contribute to stronger and well developed dancers. Do enjoy!

We thank you for your continued support and for contributing to the success of DANCECORP.

“Successful cultures are organic and adaptive, they change and flow, yet always just under the surface is a bedrock of values, smoothed by the surface above, but unyielding.
– James Kerr


Kyle John Behrens

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Featured Youtube Channel – Redefining Strength

This Months Featured Youtube Channel is Redefining Strength, the ultimate online fitness resource. Providing you with workouts and exercise variations.

The chosen youtube video we chose from this Youtube Channel focus on Foot and Ankle Strengthening Exercises

Our body is a chain, which means that dysfunction in one area of your body can lead to pain and injury in other areas of your body. That is why you need to take care of your feet and ankles – they are your foundation and without a strong foundation, there are going to be problems with the rest of the structure. So if you are suffering from foot or ankle pain, or have in the past, the best way to keep your foundation strong is by following these four prehab/rehab steps – foam rolling, stretching, activation and strengthening. Below are tips and exercises to help you implement these four steps to Prevent and Alleviate Foot and Ankle pain as well as pain and injury further up your body!

SADTA Classique Freestyle Championships 2018 – Gauteng, South Africa

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