Logan Moray de Villiers – Student Apprentice

About Logan Moray de Villiers

I started my dancing career when I was roughly 6 years old. My mother, like most, firstly put me into ballet and only later, at the age of 8, did I begin my freestyle journey at DANCE ZONE Fairland with Genetia King.

I have been trained by Genetia King, Kyle John Behrens, Samantha Kotze, David Jones, Shannon Dunbar and Micheala Grobler. I have also received training from Nancy Gogstad and have attended Joburg ballets winter and summer schools. I have completed all the freestyle medal exams up to Golden Scroll with distinctions and honours results and will be completing both my Blue Ribband and Emerald Star Exams. On Tuesday 04 September 2018 Kyle John Behrens submitted my application for Amateur Apprentice which was approved by the Gauteng Committee. I look forward to growing and honing my teaching skills under the guidance of Kyle.

Competitive Career 

I started competing at the age of 12, and slowly worked my way up to achieve championship status at the age of 15. I have represtented South Africa at the 2017 World Disco Championships in Czeck Republic, participating in duos and small group. In 2018 I attended the World Freestlye Championships in Blackpool, England, competing in solo and achieving a call back in slow.

I also attended the IMTA (International Model and Talent Association) held in New York, 2016. There I won the TV beauty competition; which involves doing commercials and acting infront of a camera. I also received several call backs for the arts and modeling, as well as placed seventh overall as the Teen model of the year.

Amateur Career Highlights

  • I have completed my Intermediate exam with RAD ballet
  • Achieved 94% for my freestyle medal Golden Scroll Exam
  • Am Championship Status for Disco solo, duos , freestlye and slowdance.
  • Finished my IGCSE and AS levels with Cambridge International College
  • Am a leader in my local church, assisting with the youth, running a homcell and am a memeber of the worship team: playing the bass guitar, piano and singing.

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