Policies and Procedures

Please ensure you have read and understand the Policies and Procedures as Listed below.

Failure to comply or agree with our Policies and Procedures can result in suspension or expulsion.

DANCECORP® Trademarks

  1. The DANCECORP® symbol/device, wordmark and slogan (Live Dance Repeat/livedancerepeat/#livedancerepeat) are registered trademarks of DANCECORP®
  2. The DANCECORP® logo (symbol and wordmark) may not be replicated or reproduced by any means.
  3. The slogan may only be used in relation to DANCECORP®
  4. Reckless/unauthorised use of the trademarks and registered trademarks by anyone, without permission or not affiliated with DANCECORP® may result in legal action.

DANCECORP® Membership

  1. To become a member of DANCECORP® Students, Parents and Guardians must read and accept our Policies and Procedures.
  2. Annual membership fees are available at the following link:
  3. Membership fees are based on the period or term in which a student begins.
  4. The Membership fee must be paid in full with proof of payment attached with a signed and completed Membership form before a student may commence with class.
  5. Annual Membership fees are non-refundable.

DANCECORP® Class Fees and Billing Policy

  1. Billing information provided on the enrolment form will be used by DANCECORP® to create a profile on our billing system.
  2. Domicilium citandi et executandi / Domicilium address must be provided on the enrolment form please.
  3. Choosing a Domicilium address has specific legal consequences such as:
    1. The party who elected the Domicilium address should be ready to receive any legal notice that is delivered to that address.
    2. If a change in address occurs, a party should notify the other contracting party, preferably in writing, of such a change in address.
    3. Delivery of a legal notice or document to the Domicilium address chosen by a party to a contract will be considered sufficient for the purposes of legal action and such party would be deemed to have received the legal notice or document.
  4. Invoices will be generated monthly, quarterly or annually (as indicated on the enrolment form)
  5. The member who is responsible for payments are to ensure instalments are made in full, as agreed upon, upfront.
  6. Regardless of the payment method chosen you are paying for the sum total of 10 lessons per term.
  7. There are no pay-per-class fee structures!
  8. We regret no refunds for classes missed. Alternate classes are available to catch up on lessons missed.
  9. The student Name and Surname or Membership Number should be used as a reference when making any payments to DANCECORP®
  10. Payment can be made in cash or preferably via EFT to DANCECORP® *Please insist on a receipt when making cash payments.
  11. Overdue payments will result in a students membership being terminated with immediate effect.
  12. For any financially related questions please email
  13. If a member chooses to pay off their invoice monthly they are advised to split the bill into three instalments per term as structured below:
Term 1  January  February March
Term 2  April  May June
Term 3 July  August September
Term 4 October  November December

DANCECORP® Private Lesson Policy

  2. Private Lessons are mostly reserved for competitive students or students wishing to improve on technique on a one-on-one basis.
  3. While a complete choreographed solo routine remains the intellectually property of a student, we cannot allow any student to claim ownership of any dance technique or combinations that are characteristic of the style that DANCECORP® and its trainers have created.
  4. Weekly private lessons, once booked, are reserved for that student and occur on a weekly basis at the time agreed upon.
  5. Private Lessons Cards are automatically discounted by 10% when purchasing a full Private Lesson Card, upfront.
  6. Private Lessons must be paid for in full before lessons will commence.
  7. Failure to pay for a Private lesson card within 7 days of receiving an invoice will result in the loss of the 10% discount.
  8. Students are required to arrive strictly 15mins before the Private Lesson commences to allow substantial time to warm-up.
  9. Private Lessons need to be cancelled 24 hours in advance so arrangements can be made to fill the private slot.
  10. Private lessons not cancelled 24 hours in advance will be charged for in full unless extenuating circumstances exist, e.g. where illness or injury renders the student incapable of dancing.
  11. No permanent slots may be booked on a Saturday or Sunday.
  12. No refunds on Private Lesson Cards that have been agreed upon, issued and paid for.

DANCECORP® Resignation Policy and Procedure

  1. A one month written notice must be given for students wishing to un-enrol and be sent to or or
  2. All fees must be paid for during the one month notice period and must be settled immediately on presentation of a DANCECORP® invoice.
  3. Non-attendance does not constitute a one month written notice nor is it an adequate reason for not paying fees.
  4. We regret no refunds if students do not continue with classes for duration of the notice period.

DANCECORP® Refund Policy

  1. We regret no refunds for classes missed.
  2. Fees will be credited in the event of illness or injury when a student is absent from lessons for an extended period of time only if a doctors note is provided and the student will be returning to resume classes thereafter.

DANCECORP® Dance Studio Policy

  1. In order to increase the life span and quality of the dance floor, please adhere to correct Attire Policy (see section 5 above)
  2. No students may tamper with or use DANCECORP® equipment without prior consent from an instructor.
  3. No food or beverages are allowed on the main studio floor.
  4. No chewing gum!
  5. Strictly no leaning on mirrors!

DANCECORP® Dancing Attire Policy

  1. Students should always be appropriately dressed for class.
  2. Please attend classes well groomed with hair tied back.
  3. Clothing should allow students free range of movement.
  4. Under no circumstances do we allow jeans, skirts or dresses in class.
  5. Dancers must wear the correct dance shoes as informed by their instructor. Socks with rubber grips, Dance Paws and bare feet are acceptable.
  6. Under no circumstances do we allow dancers to attend classes with dirty feet.
  7. Jazz shoes are compulsory from Badge 2.
  8. Students will require Hustle shoes for Freestyle exam classes from Silver Grade.
  9. Please ensure Hustle shoes have heel protectors on them.
  10. For more information on Student Dress Codes please visit the link provided:

DANCECORP® Behaviour Policy

  1. Students, Parents and Guardians should always endeavour to behave in an appropriate manner when representing DANCECORP® in any capacity.
  2. Behaviour that brings the studio into disrepute may result in immediate dismissal from the studio if deemed necessary, forfeiting any term or advance payment.
  3. Under no circumstances may parents/guardians interfere with instructors and with any students being trained in a group lesson or in a private lesson and should remain quiet at all times while a lesson is in progress.
  4. While we support positive reinforcement I would kindly stress that no member of DANCECORP® pass any criticism to another member, even with good intention, especially in the studio and when representing DANCECORP® in any capacity. This remains the responsibility of DANCECORP® and its trainers.
  5. Students are required to dedicate themselves to a substantial or capable amount of practice at home or in the studio, especially before exams or competitions, improving overall skills, technique, flexibility and strength.
  6. DANCECORP® reserves the right to disapprove of any dance costume or outfit worn by a student who represents DANCECORP® in any capacity if it does not meet our criteria. Please speak to your trainer/s for advice.
  7. Up to 3 warnings can be issued for failure to adhere to any of the terms and conditions provided. Upon receiving three warnings a meeting will be held to determine the magnitude of the infringements and the appropriate action to be taken thereafter.
  8. DANCECORP® will endeavour to assist all members in upholding and maintaining a professional and positive image. 

DANCECORP® Marketing and Communication Policy

  1. DANCECORP® will endeavour to ensure that all Students, Parents and Guardians are kept updated and informed by means of website subscriptions, notices, emails and the use of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
  2. With intention of keeping all correspondence electronic, we urge all parents and guardians to please subscribe to our website, allowing instant notification of our newsletters that are published on a monthly basis.
  3. Any videos or images taken of students may be used for DANCECORP® marketing purposes.
  4. If a Parent/Guardian does not agree to a student appearing in such material this needs to be stated in writing. Alternatively it will remain the responsibility of the Parent/Guardian to ensure their child does not appear in any photos or videos.

DANCECORP® Injuries and Medical Policy

  1. All known allergies and pre-existing medical conditions should be disclosed on the enrolment form.
  2. It is the Students/Parents/Guardians responsibility to inform their class teacher of any injury or medical condition that could effect the students wellbeing before class commences.
  3. DANCECORP® and its teachers will endeavor to ensure student safety from injury however will not be held responsible for any accidental injury that may occur in class.
  4. A First Aid box is available for minor injuries.

DANCECORP® View on Dancing at other Studios

  1. DANCECORP® does not restrict any student from taking part in other dance forms at other dance studios, nor will we restrict a student from seeking the advice and assistance of other Freestyle Trainers provided that this is put in writing and consent is given by DANCECORP®
  2. For the purpose of keeping dancers up to date with the latest trends and progressions within the dance industry, DANCECORP® will invite local and international guest teachers to host classes, private lessons and workshops on a regular basis.

DANCECORP® Child protection and Safety Policy

  1. The safety of children is our highest priority.
  2. All teachers will endeavour, in collaboration with Parents/Guardians and other responsible persons, to ensure a safe and secure environment at all times.
  3. It is the Parents/Guardians responsibility to accompany young students to and from class, or to ensure their safe passage to and from class.
  4. In the event that a child is not collected on time please inform the instructor of the delay and note that steps will be taken to ensure the care taking of the child until such time as they are collected,  and parents/guardians will be liable for any fees incurred.
  5. Under no circumstances will students be allowed to leave the studio unattended by staff or their parents/guardians.